Join us on August 14th for our first ever Youth Commission Leadership Training!

The training session will be led by Josh Gardner of Newspring Church and our YCI Area Directors. Students will be taught how to run their YCI club effectively and learn various methods they can use to share the Gospel with their peers. Dinner will be served at the training session.

The training session will conclude at 6 PM. Students can either be picked up at FBC Charlotte at 6 PM, or stay later for our optional after party (details below).

Optional After Party:

Let’s have some fun! After the Training Session and dinner, students will be split into groups for various fun activities. Students can pick which activity they would like to attend:

Option 1: Charlotte Knights Baseball Game - *YOUTH GROUPS ONLY*

  • Youth Pastors : take your youth group to a Charlotte Knights Baseball Game after the Training Session! Tickets will not be purchased by Youth Commission. Youth Pastors must organize and purchase tickets for their youth group. The game begins at 7 PM.

    Option 2: Ride the Light Rail down to Jeni’s Ice Cream

  • A group of students will be accompanied by chaperones to Jeni’s Ice Cream. The group will ride the light rail to Jeni’s, get ice cream, and ride the light rail back to FBC Charlotte. Students will need money to purchase a round-trip Light Rail ticket and to purchase ice cream.

  • Light Rail tickets - $4.40

  • Ice Cream ~ $5.00 - $8.00

    All students will be picked up from FBC Charlotte at 8 PM.

Option 3: Walk to 7th Street Market

  • A group of students will walk with chaperones to 7th Street Market. Students can purchase food/coffee/various items at:

    • Not Just Coffee

    • Hazelnut Creperie

    • Orrman’s Cheese Shop

    • Rico’s Acai

    • Clt Find Boutique

  • Students will need approximately $5.00 - $20.00 to spend if they would like to buy something at 7th Street Market

All students will be picked up from FBC Charlotte at 8 PM