2018 Eagle Award Nominees

Congratulations to these amazing Students, Parents, Teachers, Pastors & Mentors

You're leadership has not gone unnoticed and the impact you are making in the Kingdom is worthy of praise and recognition! 

Outstanding Christian Leadership

The Outstanding Christian Leadership Award  recognizes students who display Christ-like character and an aptitude to make a difference through the gospel.  

Dalton Anderson - Cabarrus Charter Academy

Natalie Benson - Ridge Road Middle School

Nicholas Benson - Ridge Road Middle School

Ainsley Briggs - Oak Grove Middle School

Riley Bruce - Weddington Middle School

Courtney Bublit - Queens Grant Middle School

Ella Carden - Corriher Lipe Middle School

Andrew Chullis - Bailey Middle School

Bailey Coffey - Randolph Middle School

Danielle Cooper - Hickory Ridge High School

Abby Creech - Crestdale Middle School

Allison Curtis - Weddington High School

Carter Danford - Carmel Christian School

Dejon Dash - Brookstone School

Sam Davis - Fort Mill High School

Anna Deloach - Parkwood Middle School

Josh Devine - South Meck High School

Semaj Drayton - Brookstone School

Maddy Efird - Mt. Pleasant High School 

Allysa Elliott - East Rowan High School 

Justin Eshenbaugh - Piedmont High School

Cassidy Exum - Winkler Middle School

Amoiree Faggart -  Winkler Middle School

Katie Ferguson - East Rowan High School 

Michael Fragola - J.N. Fries Middle School

Ryleigh Fulghum - Corriher Lipe Middle School

Alyssa Gilbert - Corriher Lipe Middle School

Hannah Glaze - Sun Valley High School

Dan Gotta - Queens Grant Community School

Kylee Guathier - Bailey Middle School

Jenna Guilmette - J.N. Fries Middle School

WiIl Guion - East Union Middle School 

Caera Haines - Corvian Middle School

Alvin Haymond - Mint Hill Middle School

Moriah Heffner - Hickory Ridge High School

Olivia Hernandez - Fort Mill High School

Caleb Herron - Lake Norman Charter

Ethan Hill - Sun Valley High School

Carson Holland - Nation Ford High School  

Jenna Hornbeak - J.N. Fries Magnet School

Sydney Grace Horne - Corvian Middle School

Marlee Houck - Corriher Lipe Middle

 Vilena Hrebar- Rock Hill High School

Lily Huebner - Rowan Cabarrus Early College HS

Josh Hunter - Jesse Carson High School

Katie Ibarra - Weddington High School 

Abby Isenhour - Mt. Pleasant Middle School

Luke Jackson - East Union Middle School 

Ethan Jefferson - Fort Mill High School

Brennan Jones - Mt. Pleasant Middle School

Natalie Key - Brookstone School

Gwinn Lankford - Community House Middle School

Savannah Lee - Bailey Middle School

John Lenhof - Corvian Community School

Rebekah Leppert - Hickory Ridge Middle School

Sierra Locklear - Hough High School

William Lutz - Rowan Cabarrus Early College HS

Sara Maldarelli - Bailey Middle School

Haley McManus - Mt. Pleasant Middle School 

Loch McNeely - Bailey Middle School

Tyler Meadows -  East Union Middle School

Lionel Means -  Phillip O. Berry High School

Izzy Merritt - Corriher Lipe Middle

Antonio Miranda Tapia - Corriher Lipe Middle

Christian Munoz - East Union Middle School

Emily Oppold - Weddington High School

Victor Peralta - Monroe High School

Emma Perotti  - Queens Grant High School

Dylan Phifer - East Union Middle School

Sara Pierce - Corriher Lipe Middle School

Alina Pinto - Mint Hill Middle School

Carly Poplin - Concord First Assembly

Cameron Privett - Oak Grove Middle School

Jack Pruitt - Mt Pleasant Middle School

Haley Ray - Oak Grove Middle School

Grace Rudiak - Wakefield High School

Jordan Sawyer - Charlotte Engineering Early College

Alyson Smith - Mallard Creek High School

Jersey Smith - Piedmont Middle School

Michael Sobus - Ardrey Kell High School

Emma Spaulding - Winkler Middle School

Emily Sperow - Mallard Creek High School

Landon Stewart - Cuthbertson High School

Peyton Stewart - Winkler Middle School

Jacob Suggs - Mt. Pleasant Middle School

Jacob Suggs - Mint Hill Middle School

Sara Thomas - Parkwood Middle School

Jessica Trush - Union Academy

Dylan Wallace - East Union Middle School

Sequan Watson - Nation Ford High School

Olivia Weatherby - Jesse Carson High School

Lucas Whitcomb - Hickory Ridge Middle School

Haley Wilbanks - Corriher Lipe Middle

Turner Williams - Parkwood Middle School

Bailey Willis - Mallard Creek High School

Valerie Yen - Oak Grove Middle School





Legacy Award  

Honoring the life and legacy of Leigh Lane Edwards and Sarah Ann Longstreet, two outstanding Christian leaders who left their mark on this world and continue to inspire young believers to live out their faith. Legacy nominees must be graduating 12th graders

Lauren Ballard - Nesbitt Discovery Academy

Luke Braswell - Queens Grant High School

Jake Braswell - Queens Grant High School

Reese Caldwell - Ardrey Kell High School

Julia Christian - Butler High School

Jackson Dyrhaug - Providence High School

Frankie Helmintoller - Mt. Pleasant High School

Autumn Hunter - Nesbitt Discovery Academy

Germaine Kapinga - Rocky River High School

Xavier Kelley - Sun Valley High School

Hailey Luckman - Sun Valley High School

Bennett Kirby - Hickory Ridge High School

Sierra Locklear - Hough High School

Banks Maynard - Hickory Ridge High School

Shelbe Perryman - Charlotte Secondary High School

Rylan Sloop - Forestview High School

Will Trone - Brashier Early College HS

Sarah Turner - Porter Ridge High School

Brett Warner - Porter Ridge High School


Club of the Year Eagle Award

Every one of our 586 clubs deserve this award in different respects but this award is given to a club that has displayed excellence in club programming, leadership, community service and diversity. The following clubs were our 16 finalist for 2018.

Bailey Middle School

Corvian Middle School

East Union Middle School

Hickory Ridge Middle School

Hickory Ridge High School

Mallard Creek High School

Mt. Pleasant Middle School

Mt. Pleasant High School

Nesbitt Discovery Academy

Oak Grove Middle School

Porter Ridge High School

Providence High School

Queens Grant High School

Queens Grant Community School

Rocky River High School

Southeast Middle School


Teacher Sponsor Eagle Award

A vital and indispensable leadership role in every Youth Commission club is the teacher or faculty member that sponsors and provides leadership to the club.  The following were our 10 finalist for Teacher Sponsor of the Year.

Stephen Battise - South Meck High School

Robin Brown - MLK Middle School

Jake Doster - Mint Hill Middle School

Jon Dyer - Bailey Middle School

Christopher Forbis - Hickory Ridge High School

Deanna Jones - Mt. Pleasant Middle School

Bo Jennings - East Union Middle School

Shane Roberts - Corriher Lipe Middle School

Mark Riley - Jesse Carson High School

Greg Skelly - East Rowan High School


Campus Mentor Eagle Award

Campus mentors are often the bridge between the local church and a local school. Campus mentors are pastors, parents or adults who invest heavily in students on campus.  Directly and indirectly influencing the club by providing leadership, discipleship, guidance and care - strong YCI clubs often have an influential mentor at the core.  The following clubs were our 16 finalist for 2018.

Ericka Clark - Bailey Middle School

Stefan Dover - Fort Mill High School & NAFO / Fort Mill Church of God

Miranda Dyer - Mint Hill Middle School / Christ Community Church

Eben Eddy - Fort Mill High School / Lakeshore Christian Fellowship

Josh Fraley - East Union Middle / Euto Baptist Church 

Brian Graham - Oak Grove Middle / Faith Church

Jason Huebner - Rowan County Early College / St. James Lutheran 

John Johnson - Concord Middle / Parkwood Baptist

Mark Jump - Rock Hill High School / Garden Sanctuary Church of God

Ian Montalto - Hickory Ridge Middle / Venture Church

Shane Roberts - South Rowan / First Reformed Landis

Sumer Taylor - Bailey Middle School

Evan Smith - Hickory Ridge High School / Providence Baptist

Justin Wallace - Belmont Middle / The Pointe

Mike Williams - Mint Hill & Queens Grant Arlington Baptist Church

Tony Thomas - West Stanly High School / Prospect Baptist Church