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Student Awards

Adult Awards

Outstanding Christian Leadership

Youth Commission International takes great pride in developing, fostering and creating opportunity for young Christians to stand up for the faith and lead.  The Outstanding Christian Leadership Award  recognizes students who display Christ-like character and an aptitude to make a difference through the gospel.  

* All Students are eligible for this award regardless of YCI involvement.


Legacy Award  

Honoring the life and legacy of Leigh Lane Edwards and Sarah Ann Longstreet, two outstanding Christian leaders who left their mark on this world and continue to inspire young believers to live out their faith.  

 * Legacy nominees must be graduating 12th graders


Outstanding Christian Athlete

Athletics are one of the many gifts and platforms that students can use to bring God glory.  The Outstanding Christian Athlete award is a unique award presented to a student that has displayed Christ-likeness on and off the field. 


Club of the Year Eagle Award

Every one of our 586 clubs deserve this award in different respects but this award is given to a club that has displayed excellence in club programming, leadership, community service and diversity.


Teacher Sponsor Eagle Award

A vital and indispensable leadership role in every Youth Commission club is the teacher or faculty member that sponsors and provides leadership to the club.  Every year, 2 extraordinary teachers are awarded the Eagle Award for Teacher Sponsor of the Year.


Campus Mentor Eagle Award

Campus mentors are often the bridge between the local church and a local school. Campus mentors are pastors, parents or adults who invest heavily in students on campus.  Directly and indirectly influencing the club by providing leadership, discipleship, guidance and care - strong YCI clubs often have an influential mentor at the core.


Parent Eagle Award

It is the desire of YCI for every parent to be involved on some level at their child's local school.  Providing leadership, organizing service projects, mentoring students, encouraging teachers, arranging rides to or from club or bringing a couple dozen doughnuts - there's never a shortage of involvement opportunities. 


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