Youth Commission Kenya

The gospel is alive in Kenya as our ministry continues to expand and our club ministry continues to multiply disciples.  With a strong ministry presence in Mwingi and Mfangano Island, YCI has clubs in 175 schools and continues to reach new students with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

YCI Kenya Staff

Isaac Nyakoi

President of YCI Kenya


Charles Muvengei

Mwingi Area Director 


Mwingi Clubs

lalambyu Secondary School

Yangondi  Secondary School

Nzeluni Boys Secondary School

Nzeluni Girls Secondary School

Kyome Boys Secondary School

Kyome  Girls Secondary School

Mumbuni Mixed  Secondary School

Nzatani Mixed Secondary School

Kanyuuni Mixed Secondary School

Ndaluni  Mixed Secondary School

Kaela   Mixed  Secondary School

Itoloni  Mixed  Secondary School

Thokoa  Mixed  Secondary School

Kang'uutheni Mixed Secondary School

Katalwa  Secondary School

Kisovo Secondary School

Kalisasi  Secondary School

Kilungu  Secondary School

Kyamboo Secondary School

Kyamwenze  Secondary School

Syongii  Secondary School










Mfangano Island 

Gathsemene High School

Kakiimba Secondary School

Mauta Secondary School     

Nyakweri  Secondary School    

 Wasamo Girls Secondary School

Wakula Secondary School    

Rusinga  Island 

Kamasegre Secondary School         

Waware   Secondary School        

St. Joseph Kagrigu Girls

Kaswanga Secondary School            

Mbita Region

Mbita Boys High School                

St. Steven Kirindo Secondary School

Hon. Otieno Kajwang Gera               

Gingo Secondary

Kayanja  Secondary School         

Nyamasare Girls

Waondo Secondary School        

Rapora Secondary School

St. Joseph Gilrs Secondary        

Usao Secondary School

Wandiji Secondary School        

Ogongo Secondary School        

Ngodhe Secondary School

Ndhuru Secondary School        

Kamato Secondary School    

Father  Tillen Secondary School            

Kianyumba  Secondary School.

Lambwe Region

Nyabera Girls Secondary         

Labwe High School

Onywera Secondary School        

Sindo Mixed Secondary School

Moi Girls High School            

Hon Otieno Nyamaji Secondary School

Bishop Mugendi Secondary School    

Msare Secondary School

Nyatoto Secondary

Gwasi Region

Nyabeda Secondary School    

Wiga Secondary School

St. Mercellin Kigoto Secondary     

Nyenga Secondary School

God-Oloo Secondary School        

God-Bura Secondary School

Nyatambe Secondary School        

Kagoro Girls Secondary

Nyandiwa Secondary            

Kikubi Girls Secondary

Obanga Secondary        

Nyagwethe Secondary

Kiabuya Secondary        

Kiembe Secondary School

Tonga Boys High             

Magunga Township

Homa Mixed Secondary            

Kisaku Mixed Secondary

Seka Secondary School        

Nyakiya Secondary School

St.Gabbriel Girls  

Fanaka Secondary School

Rambusi Secondary School                                                                 

Fanaka Mixed Secondary School

Homabay Distict   

Ogande Girls School             

God-Kado Secondary School

Nyajanya Mixed Secondary

Kuoyo Kochia Secondary School

Rambusi Mixed Secondary School  

Ndhuru Mixed Secondary 

Kuoyo Kochia Boys Sec School.        

Ogande Mixed Sec School

Luora Secondary School

Wiobiero Sec School

God Bondo Sec School        

Okoko Mixed Sec School

Ogilo Secondary School    

Olare Secondary School

Nyawita Secondary School    

Ongeti Secondary School

Marindi Secondary School.        

Odienya Secondary School

Kotonje Secondary School.            

Asumbi Girls High School

Homabay High School            

Nyalkinyi Mixed Sec School

Igisa Secondary School           

Achego Secondary School

God-Rabuor Secondary School

Oriwo Boys High School

Otaro Secondary School

Kowuor Secondary School         

Kanyamfwa Sec School

Omboga Mixed Sec School        

Adiedo Mixed Secondary School

Kobala Mixed Sec School         

St. Innocent Jonyo Sec School

Mawego Girls  Sec School        

Samanga Sec School


Kanam Mixed Sec School    

Wikondiek Sec School

Otok Secondary School    

St. Alfred Alara Mixed Sec School

Ogenya Girls Sec School

Kandiege Mixed Sec School

Wagwe Mixed Sec School        

Kindu Muslim Sec School

Gogo Mixed Sec School            

Lieta Mixed Sec School

Kobuya Secondary School    

Kamolo Sec School

Ongalo Mixed Sec School        

George Awuor Ogola Sec School

Ngeta Mixed Sec School            

Kobila Mixed Secondary School

Karabondi Girls School

Nyahera Girls Sec School

Ringa Girls High School

Ringa Boys High School

Wire Secondary School

Agoro Sare High School

Wang Apala Boys High School

Ober Boys Secondary School

Wioboero Secondary School

Dudi Girls Secondary School    

Orero Boys High School

Oyugis Secondary School    

Kuoyo Oyugis Sec School

Saye Secondary School        

Mawego Girls Sec School

Wire Secondary School

 Oriang Mixed Secondary School

Agoro Sare Mixed School    

Kowidi Secondary School

Karabond Mixed Secondary School

St. Joseph Sino Secondary School

Gendia Boys High School    

Kosele Mixed Secondary School.

God-Ber Sec School        

Got Rateng Secondary School

Mititi Secondary School    

Nyagowa Secondary School

Othoro Mixed Sec Schl         

Omboga Mixed Sec School

Atemo Secondary Schl         

Apondo Secondary School

Karabok Secondary Schl     

Kachieng Secondary School

Nyalenda Secondary Schl    

Nyangiela Secondary School

Kotienditi Secondary Schl    

Nyatindo Secondary School

Ogilo Secondary School

Sena Secondary School    

Mauta Secondary School

Uozi  Secondary School                

Professor Karega Mitahi Secondary 

Nyakweri  Secondary School    

 Wasamo Girls Secondary School

Wakula Secondary School